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Westpac super

How In-Tandem works


What is In-Tandem?

As an employee of Westpac, you can join In-Tandem, a workplace savings scheme created specifically for Westpac staff, through which you save by investing a percentage of your Salary. For some members, Westpac also invests an amount based on your Salary and in some cases your length of Service. You can read more about this in the Member Booklet on the Documents page.

You can also contribute to a KiwiSaver scheme at the same time, so you could receive government contributions (up to $521.43 every year) if you are a member of a KiwiSaver Scheme and qualify for them.

How In-Tandem works.

Your money is pooled with other investors’ money and invested by the Trustee into your selected investment fund(s).

The returns you receive are dependent on the investment fund (or funds) in which you choose to invest, and the performance of the investments. The value of those investments may go up or down. The types of investments and the fees you will be charged are detailed in the PDS.

Who can join In-Tandem?

Almost everyone employed by Westpac is eligible to join In-Tandem. Your employment level will determine the value of your contribution and Westpac’s contribution, as outlined below.