Westpac super
Westpac super

The Combo Option


In-Tandem and KiwiSaver - the ‘Combo Option’ to make the most of government contributions.

You can be a member of both In-Tandem and a KiwiSaver scheme, and divert some In-Tandem contributions to KiwiSaver with the Combo Option to benefit from a government contribution of up to $521.43 per annum, depending on your level of contributions and eligibility.

  • If you choose the Combo Option, In-Tandem contributions reduce by the amount you and Westpac contribute to KiwiSaver.
  • If you do not choose the Combo Option, you can still contribute to both KiwiSaver and In-Tandem:
  • any contribution you make to KiwiSaver will be in addition to In-Tandem contributions. This means that you will be required to contribute the minimum amount to both: for example 3% to KiwiSaver and 4% to In-Tandem; and
  • Westpac’s contributions to In-Tandem will reduce by the amount Westpac contributes to KiwiSaver.

See how the options work in the table below.