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Westpac super

Financial advice

In order to achieve lifelong financial security, you need to plan for the future. How else will you know if you will have enough retirement savings or be able to afford that holiday? In other words, how do you achieve the level of wealth needed to maintain your lifestyle both now and in retirement? Here are some resources that you may find useful.

Westpac financial advisers

Westpac employees can meet with a Westpac Financial Adviser for a confidential and obligation-free consultation. Call them on 0800 942 822, or alternatively visit their website here.

They can:

  • Help you put your financial information together
  • Define your goals by discussing your particular needs, objectives and financial situation
  • Provide you with a personalised investment portfolio
  • Help you put your investment plan into action.


Sorted is a free service powered by Te Ara Ahunga Ora (Retirement Commission) the government-funded, independent agency dedicated to helping New Zealanders get ahead financially.

Visit Sorted.org.nz

Financial Markets Authority

If you want to invest, buy a mortgage or insurance, or plan for your long-term future, you may benefit from speaking to a financial adviser.

On FMA’s website, they’ll help you understand when to get advice, the types of advisers available and how to find one. They’ll also explain the level of service to expect from your adviser and the safeguards in place to protect you and your money.